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          1. Wind-farm Installation Platform Docking-in at CUD (Weihai) S

            The Wind-farm Installation Platform was docked in on 27th April 2017 at CUD (Wei Hai) shipyard. The docking-in operation started at 1:00PM and finished at 7:00PM. Both the ship fore and the stern section were located in the docking block successfully. That means one of the most important nodes of this project has been finished.
            The Wind-farm Installation Platform (Vessel Liaohe No.1) was broken into two sections by the damage during the sea accident. After that the two sections were transferred to our shipyard by tugboat for repairing and joining hull section.

            Before the platform docking in, all the members of the project repair team had made a detailed plan together. They has discussed with the ship owner for many times and got the permission from them for the operation plan. An emergency response plan dealing with the problems that may occur during the docking-in operations had been made. All these plans and preparations make the docking-in operation successful.
            We believe that with the good cooperation of both sides, and the joint effort and good organization of the whole project team, this project will keep up to the main schedule and be accomplished successfully.

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