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          1. ABOUT US

            CUD (Weihai) Shipyard Co., LTD. it belongs to Shandong Xinhong Group Co., Ltd. was established in 2010. The main business scope: ship building & ship repairing, conversion project, imports and exports under the scope of business. Shipyard was located in golden waterway of north-south transportation routes (Location N:36°50'20'' E:122°16'00''), by entrance to Bohai Bay, in the east of jiaodong peninsula, adjacent to the south korea. The location of shipyard is adjacent to mountain and ocean with pleasant weather and convenient transportation. Weihai international airport is 38 kilometers from shipyard as well as the Qingdao international airport 230 kilometers. The annual average temperature of 12 degrees.

            CUD (Weihai) shipyard have a state class open port as well as a ice-free port,owns two drydocks that No.1 drydock of DWT 300,000 (355 m x 78 m x 14 m), and No.2 drydock of DWT 200,000 (325 m x 54m x 13 m). Meanwhile, equipped with 80 ton, 60 ton and 40 ton cranes, 3000m of quay berth (1100m for 300,000DWT ships, 1900m for 200,000DWT ships) with Max Draft 9.5m. Production workshop equipped with cranes 40t-80t and all kinds of facility?and?equipment, total investment abt. RMB 1.5 billion. Its advantageous geographical?location and repair condition convenient for ships from various routes for repairing, yard have fully ability to repair all kinds of ships within DWT 300,000.

            There are total 350 employees in CUD, and 100 employees belong to technicians and management. CUD had get Quality Management System Certificates (GB/T19001-2016/ISO 9001:2015) of CCS and DNV.GL. To ensure that each product meets international standards and quality standards. CUD will keep spirit in good faith, cooperation, win-win each other. To provide first-class products, to create first-class environment, to create first-class safety risk control, to create first-class fine management performance management concept.

             Add.:Renhen Town, Weihai City, Shandong Province, China.
             Tel.:0631-7963808 0631-7962808
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